‘Thela’ is a common Urdu word, which means ‘stall’. In the subcontinent, these brightly decorated and intricately painted mobile stalls are features of everyday urban culture and a popular means of vending delicious street food and delectable treats. To me ‘Thela’ beckons nostalgia and a draw for Karachi, the city in which I was born and the food I grew up eating. Karachi is virtually impossible to define to those who have never visited this coastal city; this bustling metropolis is chaotic, crazy and yet captivating!. A big part of Karachi is its food culture, being one of the most multi-ethnic cities of Pakistan it has a rich history of culinary delights and Karachi-walla’s are well known for being passionate about their food. Given my own love for good food I decided to recreate some of the famous dishes from Karachi and set up ‘Thela’ in London when I relocated here.

My food is based on an authentic Karachi style and I always use fresh, locally sourced and where possible sustainable and Fairtrade ingredients. I guarantee that only the dishes I have perfected make it on my menu and that most of these are either my family recipes or those mastered during my training as a chef at the Marriott Group. I grind my own masalas (spices) and use traditional cooking methods that I learned from my mother, who lovingly passed on to me the appreciation for food, artful cooking and a sincere means of showing affection by keeping loved ones well fed. Together we also set up a catering business in Karachi, a venture I undertook when I gave up my career in banking for a ‘chimta’ (tongs) in hand and turned to the world of food to follow my passion and never looked back.

I hope through Thela you will enjoy and experience a part of Karachi and my love for proper Karachi food.
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Thela brings you authentic Karachi food, which is lovingly made with the highest quality of ingredients and prepared with traditional handcrafted methods. Please view both our grab-and-go food stall menu as well as our catering menu for details. We hope you will love Karachi food just as much as we do!

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